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Schools and Clubs

Schools and Clubs

Let your marquee be your student's oasis


Pride, credibility, shelter

Stand out and take pride in your school with your individualised marquee. Shelter from the weather, securely store your gear and meet health and safety standards. Event Marquees have been working in the community manufacturing quality products for ten years. We have a reputation for honesty, problem solving and unparralleled quality. We take pride in working with schools and clubs and consistantly deliver above expectations. Talk to us today about how your School or non-profit organisation can save up to a:

20% discount

Your marquee checklist
  • Resistant to UV and harsh winds
  • Easy to install and store
  • Light and easy to move
  • compact enought to transport in a stationwagon
  • Guaranteed
  • Ongoing customer service
  • Proudly New Zealand Made