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Tarp Manufacture

Tarp Manufacture

Nationwide Tarp Manufacture

Reliable, Hardwearing Commercial Tarps, Protecting your work and Protecting Your bottom line. Custom made Tarpaulins, made from 680gm ripstop PVC. The toughest tarps which guarantee you keep working in the harshest of conditions. Tough Tarp  Fabric specs,
  • Heavy Duty Ripstop PVC.
  • WEIGHT 680gsm
  • BASE CLOTH Polyester 1100 Decitex
  • WEAVE 9 x 9 per cm / Ripstop 1.5 x 1.5 per cm
  • COATING PVC paste coated
  • SURFACE FINISH High Gloss ROWACRYL protective finish
  • TEAR STRENGTH Warp/Weft 700 / 600 N
  • TENSILE STRENGTH Warp/Weft 2800 / 2300 N
  • U/V STABILITY 3 year minimum
  • ADHESION 90 N per 5cm
  • FLEXING 400,000 cycles minimum
  • FABRICATION METHODS Hot Wedge, Hot Air or High Frequency Welding: Sewing: Adhesive
Light Tarp fabric specs,
  • WEIGHT 285gsm
  • BASE CLOTH 1500 Denier
  • WEAVE 14 x 14
  • COATING 50 Micron face and back
  • TEAR STRENGTH Warp/Weft 300 / 300 N        JIS1096C
  • TENSILE STRENGTH Warp/Weft 1650 / 1600 N    JIS1096A
  • U/V STABILITY 3 Year minimum
  • FLEXING 200,000 cycles minimum
  • FABRICATION METHODS Hot Wedge, Hot Air welding & Sewing
All our standard tarps come with tough NZ made Duradan ropes with 727kg Breaking load, attached to eyelets, spaced every 1mtr around edges, Extra lugs are available on request. Other fabrics etc available on request. We have been manufacturing tarps for New Zealanders for over 15 years. We freight all over NZ and guarantee manufacturing time, delivering when you need them!

Create another income stream:

Tarps are an asset to builders, scaffolders and anyone needing regular cover to keep working. Our own commerical hire tarps have an average lifespan of 10 years. Hire your tarps back to your customer as part of your repair/building service. Purchasing your own tarps will actually make you money. Average tarp cost $690 + gst divided by 10 years = a small cost of approximately $70 p/y.  Can you afford not to own your own tarps? Each Tarp has:
  • Welded edges
  • eyelets every metre along seams
  • Ropes on every eyelet
  • Internal Lugs with rope
  • Also available in new clear Vertex PVC
Full After Sale Service, from Builders Tarp Hire: We know you can't afford downtime. We can repair any damaged tarps, clean and dry tarps after jobs and even store your tarps between jobs.